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  • Sulaiman Alhasawi

    Hello, Im a Phd student in CS looking for any project to join that focus on security in general OR on SCADA security in particular as the later is my specialty. I have skills in C, C++, Java and Python. I can learn new languages fairly quickly. My aim is to develop some real experience around my area of research. Thanks

  • boelle

    boelle - 2014-08-11

    I wonder if my project idea could fit your plans ?

    Basicly for the local ham club we have thought of a modular system based on the raspberry pi.

    For each room there will be a pi, the pi cam board, a PIR sensor, a ds18b20 temp sensor, 1-4 tact switches, 1-4 relays to control light etc., each door and window also have a reed switch to detect if they are open or not, lastly a Wifi dongle so each module can exchange data with the others and a "master" module. maybe add 2 tamper switches for each module so the system knows if a module box is open or knocked off the wall.

    What we would like extra that does not fit within security is the be able to control a wireless radiator valve if at all possible thou it could come as the last thing, we have access to arduino code that can control the valve via a RFM module from HopeRF. The temp sensor above should then be used to calc how much % open the valve needs to be. otherwise it can serve as simple monitoring thing.

    The "master" module should have some extra hardware, a magnetic card reader for door accees and disarm. a GSM module so system can be controlled this way and also serve as a fail safe should internet fail. the lock will be the kind that needs a pulse to open or close, it has an internal switch that tells it what to do, but the switch is also availble so the pi knows. the lock will also have the option to be unlocked by normal key. The master should also output morse code over the pi's audio jack, the audio will then be connected to a small ham radio so hams can hear if someone opens the house, or there is a breakin. at same time a sms/text should be send to a select list of member that are close by and are likely to react faster.

    How we picture it could work (assuming system is armed):

    Each pi will check PIR sensor activity, if there is any send out alarm text and morse code via the master module, start to record video. AS a backup maybe also detect movement on the pic should the PIR fail to detect movement. Of course do the same should one of the window report open or a door. lights etc should be turned off when armed to save power. arming should only be possible when all doors etc in a room is closed.

    when system is disarmed of course don't do the above, unless a tamper switch gets tripped.

    naming of the zones and doors etc should be done from a web interface on the master module, so the modules should get their setup etc from the master.

    each "node" should run a read-only file-system so the sd card is not worn out to fast. it should save pics etc etc to the master.

    So in practical with the house locked control is given to the gsm module or the web interface.

    When a member swipes the card outside the door unlocks, system is disarmed, morse is sent out via audio that tells: "member XXX unlocked the house". Now control to lights etc are given to the switches connected to each node.

    When last member leaves he swipes the card and the door locks, morse says: "member YY closed the house". system is armed. all lights are turned off if member forgot that. control is given back to web/sms. Arming should only be possible if all doors and windows are locked. A small buzzer outside could alert the member that a door or window is open.

    Since we mentioned exchange of data an explanation of that is in order, when one node detects movement either by PIR or by analyzing the cam it should tell the others to take pics, that could also be done in the case if of the nodes disappears on the wifi.

    if we should add the optionals that are not security related:

    the heat is controlled by magnetic solenoids, simply apply main power and they open. So just a simple on/off option via web/sms would be great. if heat is turned on via web/sms and house is unlocked heat should stay on when house is unlocked, ie house has control. also there should be a week long schedule with 2-3 on periods each day for this. if this should be expanded then for each room have place for up to 4 wireless valves. if heat is turned on let it self learn how to achieve a set target temp, if running on schedule then another temp could be set. by self learning we mean that it should record how long it takes to get from a given temp to the target, so the next time it will know how long it takes to get to this and could display so on web or a local monitor... also it will know how long before a scheduled on it should start to heat up.

    again here the data exchange idea could be used to make sure that a single node fail will not disable the heat completely. since each node could have an RF module for the valves the master could tell a node to take over another nodes heating duties...

    we also plan to install heat and electricity usage monitoring on the master.. not sure if that could be a part of the system when the security and heat control side is done... but its one of those nice to have things.

    does it sound total nuts?

  • Sulaiman Alhasawi

    Sorry for the late reply ! Is the project on ?


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