Habatchii - 2013-07-08

Seeking developers and programmers fluent in API operations for a new project here at Sourceforge named "Cameraray" (Camera-Ray).

What Is Cameraray?
Cameraray is a developing API application for the Sketchfab web service. Its purpose is to create new and intuitive API apps for external 3D content creation applications known as "Exporters", which are used to export the content and import it directly into Sketchfab.

How Does Cameraray Work?
There are only two (2) different types of exporters being developed by Cameraray;

Type One: Browser Based Exporter (Default)
This type generally targets the following browsers:
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

Type Two: Compression Based Exporter
This type targets compressed (zipped) file maintenance with three main items inside;
The OBJ, mesh, or other file type being exported. (Must be a legal file type, check with application.s EULA and or tech support), any texture/material files (if any) and a readme file.

What Is Needed From the Developers?
Firstly: Sign in to the Cameraray group here at Sourceforge. You will automatically be granted access.
1) Go to sketchfab.com
2) Create a profile
3) Locate the API instructions
4) Select a programming language specialty
5) Script a functional API extension to an existing 3D application
6) Submit final draft to both the group version control and Sketchfab

We are certain that this project will be successful and wish that you can join in the process...
For more information on this project, please leave a message concerning the issue using the personal message system here at Sourceforge. A response will be returned shortly.