Nipam Bhavsar - 2014-01-10


I am trying to create network topology with SimpliciTi TI SW stack(ver 1.1.0) and MSP-EXPCC430RF4(433 MHz) evolution kit. How can I implement this topology that I don't know.

My topology is:

There are 20 departments and each department has one Repeater as Access point which is used to receive all peers(End Device) data packets. Now I want to transmit all these packets that is received by Repeater devices to my master device which is connected to my PC via USB cable.

How can I transmit my 1st Repeater device's packets to my master device which is located at far distance from it?
Is it possible to communicate between Repeaters for this type of topology?
Is SimpliciTi SW stack suitable for this type of topology?
If not, then any other solution is available like which SW stack is suitable for this topology.

Any help in this case is appreciated.