people interested in reviewing SourceForge projects

  • William Bayard McConnaughey

    Searching for a project that addresses your particular need is often a daunting task. Weeding out those that do not perform as claimed or are not suitable for some other reason can take an enormous amount of time and effort. I want to form a group of project reviewers who will look at projects in detail and write informative reviews, to be linked on the project web pages. Please post responses to this, with your ideas on how it could work, including possible participation of the SourceForge team in the whole process.

    • A. Mani

      A. Mani - 2014-04-19

      I can review some projects relating to Math/Stat/Soft Computing from a functional point of view and analysis of project statistics, reviews and possibly code. We can involve others in SF and without through discussions/ interviews. Yes, I am experienced. My homepage:


    • Qazwiz

      Qazwiz - 2014-07-18

      this request sounds like something that a Wiki can handle very well. is a free wiki but not sure how well you can control it.
      you might want to host the wiki yourself (cost as low as $10/mo) to have ultimate control, there is a wiki install available at most hosting sites although at first the participants will be few (reviewers creating pages) so you could host it on a sub-folder on your own home desktop.(Apache Server working from a sub folder on your computer) this has data concerns so your data transfer would need to be unlimited or face possible data fees.

      I also would like to help review.

      i have eclectic interests and am unemployed

      a free forum could also work but likely would be more trouble than any of the wiki choices

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  • Rik

    Rik - 2014-03-20

    I would like to be a product reviewer. Being fairly computer literate and being a writer I feel that these 2 things would give me good insight to these projects. As I am a Disabled Veteran who cannot work, this would still give me an opportunity to help others.

  • William Bayard McConnaughey

    It looks like we are beginning to form a group of reviewers. Maybe we should each pick out a project and try doing an in-depth review, then post our experiences here.

  • Billy Venus

    Billy Venus - 2014-05-30

    William Bayard McConnaughey wrote:

    Searching for a project that addresses your particular need is often a daunting task.

    You're right. There are thousands project on SF, I've been searching for months and months the ultimate Midi file editor, I didn't found it yet, but I'm still alighting on other projects I should have found earlier... but I didn't before now...

    Most of the projects I already downloaded from SF can't be just used on my computer...

    A review for each project can be interesting, but, in my eyes, an other feature could be more interesting: a cross-criteria search engine, something more acurate and efficient than the SF's classification.

    For each project (an for each search operation) there should be items to check, such as:
    Project's state of completion: Never started, abandoned and not working, in progress but not working, anbandoned but working, in progress and already working, complete and updated, complete but not updated for one year or more, etc...
    Plateform: Apache, Linux, MacOS, Unix, Windows, etc...

    Just this could help me in my search ;)

  • Qazwiz

    Qazwiz - 2014-07-18

    we should be deciding the info basic to any project, how to classify it, and thinking about what levels of done


    a program often goes through ALPHA, BETA and RELEASE versions but a source forge entry could be just an idea voiced by one person... multiple people discussing (as we are doing here) .... or even call for "employees" well before ALPHA comes into play... maybe even a pre-alpha between call for programmers and the actual work on an alpha prototype


    likewise stability of a product will need to be evaluated.... n/a or wonky or fair or excellent or steady... n/a would apply to pre alpha projects and while fair or excellent sounds like a good term they don't convey how well the program stability fares


    this should be predefined by the project but we need to be sure the categories we use are broad enough to prevent orphans, but narrow enough to prevent a category from looking like an encyclopedia of a subject. also the category should be easily recognized and use sub categories to better define the project.... for example, A/V or Audio/Visual is way to general to not have sub classification. but not just audio or visual but both and subs that further describe item

    then there are projects that cover multiple like a library system could do movies or CDs or books or podcasts

    so many thinks to consider :D


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