Wanted! Open Source Honeypot Team Members!

  • Est. Simon Antony Roberts

    For a number of years Xortify the Sentry Honeypot has been worked on by Simon Roberts of Chronolabs Cooperative. Recently the hosting of the Honeypot was sponsored by http://ArckCloud.com (Arck Interactive). They provided the necessary server resources for the http://xortify.com sentry which is written in PHP and uses a MySQL Database. The Honeypot has been running now for 3 years and uses the XOOPS (See: http://www.xoops.org) Portal solution for it main site.

    Xortify has a series of API inclusive of REST and SOAP which operates a group of Plugins that prevent malicious signup by Human Rights abuse systems in the 3rd world which are similar to what was seen in the fabric textiles markets of India of poorly paid staff in terrible working condition, employed to use a computer and sign up to websites and solving the Captcha with these; then recording in the database the site and username for a massive spam attack on the site or comment/thread.

    It is at least with the XOOPS clients also interacts with the condom application protector and prevents DoS, Hackivists and malicious attacks on the portal solution. With other clients this might have to be taken from Protector 3.51 or later and included in clients title. We would love to have Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and other clients also with a PHP client for a greater coverage of the IP Scape.

    If you’re a technical write, work in admin of software development or a programmer of PHP or other languages like ruby and would like to assist in maintenance of the Xortify framework, write a client or just generally be involved in the development of this Honeypot please email simon@labs.coop or create a thread in the discussion on Sourceforge (see: https://sourceforge.net/p/xortify/discussion/get-involved/) and express your interest. A sample of your work would also be good and you will be required to have a sourceforge full account to be add to the project, remember to include your username for source forge in the email. You can also get in contact with Simon on skype.

    Remember this is a voluntary role unless it comes to a point of charge for use of the API where you will be give part of the subsidiary payments but at the moment Xortify remain free of charges due to the sponsorship of http://ArckInteractive.com and the dedicated work by Simon Roberts. If ever needed you will be able to get recommendation and quote working on http://Xortify.com as a Open source entity you work I for work reference purposes!

    We are looking for the follow especially:

    • PHP Developers
    • Technical Writers for Wiki and Documentation
    • Copywriter for website content
    • Programmers of Open Source titles that use internet and have signup
    • Database Analyst
    • Network Engineers
    • Media Designer/Performers
    • Administration Staff
    • Legal Solicitors
    • Testers
    • Support Officers

    If you want to contribute and unsure if you fit into any of these loosely listed categories then get in contact we should be able to find something for you to do!

    Cross-post: http://simonaroberts.com/mynamesnot/laboratory/2013/10/wanted-open-source-honeypot-team-members/
    Cross-post: https://sourceforge.net/p/xortify/blog/2013/10/wanted-open-source-honeypot-team-members/

    Last edit: Est. Simon Antony Roberts 2013-10-31
  • bryan barnes

    bryan barnes - 2013-11-18

    I am a technical writer, instructional and curriculum developer with documentation experience. I'd be glad to discuss your requirements and deliverables. thx bb


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