Looking for a Python project

  • Pimaso

    Pimaso - 2013-04-08

    I'm looking for a small/medium Python/wxPython project to work on. I've never worked neither on open source nor community project before but I've already coded some little GUI apps with Python/wxPython.

  • Anonymous - 2013-04-08

    Hi Maorifeosy!

    The Whonix Project is an anonymous operating system, preserving anonymity and privacy.

    There is some python stuff you could create. For one a Tor Control Port proxy or a graphical user interface for controlling the Gateway. Please contact me, in case the Whonix project is of interest to you.


    Looking for developers!

  • Tony Calleri França

    Hi! Are you stll looking for a project?
    How would you like to help improving this Django web app? --> http://freedomsponsors.org

  • Peter_C

    Peter_C - 2013-07-21

    If you're still looking for a wxpython project, please consider joining my team to work on a novel presentation/teaching package named Tuti. We've already built a lot of the core functionality and planning for a v1.0 release within this year. Contact me on info@peterslistening.com if you'd like more information. Thank you!

  • Martin Fitzpatrick

    Might be a bit late for you, but if you are still looking I've got a neat GUI app project you might be interested in: https://github.com/mfitzp/metapath/

    It's scientific software, for the analysis of metabolism-derived datasets. Architecturally it's a simple core multi-threaded application, with additional features provided by plugins than spin jobs onto the queue. There is a UI for workflow construction (like inputs/outputs) and lots of natty visualisations. It's built using Python/PyQt which isn't hugely different to Wx (it was originally written using Wx, but needed Webkit), so could meed your requirements.

    Project Github: https://github.com/mfitzp/metapath/
    Project homepage: https://getmetapath.org



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