[JAVA] Looking for Project. Fresh Graduate, Computer Science and Management

  • João Barreto

    João Barreto - 2014-08-02

    Hi everyone.

    I'm a fresh graduate in Computer Science and Management (Lisbon/Portugal) currently looking for an open source project to contribute, improve my skills and of course, giving a helping hand to someone.

    I've never worked in an Open Source project before. The experience that I have is based on Uni projects.

    My github account (Java 2SE 1.6 project): https://github.com/JoaoBarreto/TribesPCDEdition/
    - Multiplayer game (client-server) via Sockets;
    - GUI: Swing;
    - Team size: 2 developers;
    - CMS: Back then (2011/2012) we used SVN;
    - Software used: Eclipse IDE (coding), Paint Shop Pro (Graphics editing), Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer (sound editing)
    - Project Grade: 19 (0/20 scale)

    I know other languages like C# or C, but I feel that I can be more useful with Java right now.

    Linkedin account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joaobarreto


    • Dimitry Polivaev

      You are welcome to join Freeplane. It is an advanced mind map editor written in Java and using Swing, Git, Eclipse IDE. https://sourceforge.net/projects/freeplane/ .

      Dimitry (Freeplane team)

      Last edit: Dimitry Polivaev 2014-08-03
      • João Barreto

        João Barreto - 2014-08-03

        Hi Dimitry! Seems interesting and I think it fits my current knowledge.

        It would be awesome if you could pin point me the way so I can give my contribution to Freeplane!

      • Ellie Mzn

        Ellie Mzn - 2014-08-22

        Hi Dimitry! I am also interested to join the FreePlane project. I am pursuing my PhD in Computer Science (Software Engineering). My research focuses on Software Evolution. I have strong knowledge and background in Software Development life cycle and I have worked in the industry for about 3 years before I start my PhD. I want to improve my programming skill and am always passionate about software problem solving. That's why I want to contribute to your project which I found its application interesting to me.


        • Dimitry Polivaev

          Hi Ellie,

          I am glad you are interested to join us. I would be great if you could follow my recommendations from the above post.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-08-03

    Not Java... But...

    Care about privacy / anonymity on the internet?

    Check out the Whonix project!

    We're eager to get new devs!

  • Aamirkhan

    Aamirkhan - 2014-08-14

    Have a look at my little mp3arranger at http://github.com/iamaamir


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