Looking for web development or java project

  • Martin Haslinger


    I am looking for some open source project which needs a bit of help in development/coding. In my main job I am working as a professional web developer with java and javascript, however I search for some side project I can support during my off days and some opportunity to contribute to some open source project.

    I don't care if the project is a real web project or something else, however I can only contribute in languages where I am familiar with or where I want to get into them:

    • java (very familiar)
    • php (it's ok)
    • javascript (very familiar)
    • ruby/ruby on rails (want to get into, but don't expect a lot of productivity in the beginning)

    Would be great if I could help some project a bit :)

    • don rowe

      don rowe - 2013-06-15

      Hi Martin,

      I just created a new project called winningdecisions to develop a web app for group decision making based on principles of http://winningdecisions.org. It's still in the brainstorming stage but will likely involve php or java.

    • Lynn Johnson

      Lynn Johnson - 2013-11-11

      I need help working on my web site. I need a 3-d interactive site and could really use a mentor in this area.

      I have so many things that need attention and they all need some sort of application that needs to be developed. I am not too confident trying to do this on my own, guess it's something I'm confused on. But I have a window of opportunity in front of me and I need to grab it now.

      Let me know if you are interested...I have big plans for this and an application I would rather be doing, yet these days multitasking on several ideas that meld down to the very foundation I should be and need to building, it seems like I am getting as far as that nanoEngine project's link...hahahaha


    • Code Guru

      Code Guru - 2013-11-12

      BBCT is an open source baseball card collector's app written in Java. We are looking for developers to bring the beta version to a full release. Currently we support both the desktop and Android platforms. If you would like to contribute, please join our mailing list and introduce yourself.

  • Dimitry Polivaev


    It would be great if you could help us.
    We are people developing a mind mapping application in java. Most of us live in Germany. The application can be also used for knowledge management, study, presentations and project management.

    We love new people joining the team or just contributing. You can contribute as much or as little as you want to. We have ideas and feature requests to be implemented but we also support people implementing their own ideas.

    Look at our home page http://freeplane.sourceforge.net/wiki/ and the forums https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/freeplane/viewforum.php?f=1 . If you are interested you can write a post in forum or send me a message or a mail.


  • Code Guru

    Code Guru - 2013-06-15

    I am a single developer working on a baseball card database application. Currently the application is on both desktop and Android platforms. All the code is in Java. If you are interested in making any contributions, check out the website at https://sourceforge.net/projects/bbct/. Feel free to download the most recent version of the desktop app. The project's ticket tracker has a list of the current tasks. Feel free to suggest other changes that you think would help improve the project.

  • Gubatron

    Gubatron - 2013-07-22

    We have a huge code base with lots of interesting challenges and lots of bugs to fix

    Take your pick:

    Mostly Java, with a few C++ stunts if we need to go native (rarely happens)

    Lots of open issues (and even more not entered into the bug tracker)

    To collaborate:

    1. Fork us.
    2. Create a branch for your fix.
    3. Code as best as you possibly can (no code repetition, no "broken windows", no cutting corners), Commit, Push until done.
    4. Submit your Pull Request with the branch you just finished along with a very detailed explanation of what you did and why. If you include tests that's a plus.

    Your code will be used by millions worldwide.

    Team FrostWire

  • Andre van Zuydam

    Please consider looking at Cross Database Engine for PHP and PHP4sack, these are both projects which may not take a lot of your time but will be relevant perhaps to the work you do. If you're interested send me a message I would like to talk to you on Skype.


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