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Self-taught programmer seeking projects.

Dan Strong
  • Dan Strong

    Dan Strong - 2014-06-17


    I am a soon-to-be-graduating mathematics student, with a strong interest in programming, looking for a project which will allow me to familiarise myself with software development and gain some useful experience. I have a working knowledge of Python, Perl and Haskell, mostly from writing simple scripts. I also have a very basic understanding of java, and would like to learn more.

    My personal interests include privacy, cryptology, mathematics, videogames and tabletop games, but I am happy to work on any project. Additionaly, I am a native-level Spanish speaker with a facility for written expression in Spanish and English.

    • Code Guru

      Code Guru - 2014-06-17

      BBCT is looking for developers. If you are interested in contributing to a baseball card collector's app, register for our mailing list and introduce yourself. You should also fork our GitHub repo and take a look at the developer documentation and the list of open issues. We look forward to hearing from you.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2014-06-17

      Care about privacy / anonymity on the internet?

      Check out the Whonix project!

      We're eager to get new devs!

  • Alexander Farley


    I'm looking for people to help with This uses a combination of Ruby on Rails and C#. There's lots to do; plenty of detailed math, but also lots of run-of-the-mill coding.

    It's not open-source; basically, I'm looking for colleagues to help work on a product for future sale. Thanks let me know if you're interested,


  • Jean-Etienne LAMIAUD

    Hello, Holá, Bonjour.

    Lynkeos is an astronomical image processing software, which relies on mathematical processing (Fourier transform, correlation, wavelets, a bit of information theory ...).
    Planned developments include automatic scaling and rotation between images (currently under development), use of mutual information to optimize alignment between images, interpolation of image transform across the frame, to overcome atmospheric turbulence.
    And any need that may arise from users.

    I find your profile promising, as mathematical knowledge is a definitive bonus for development on this software. Lynkeos has a spanish localization, but as spanish is only my 3rd language, this localization can be improved.

    I would be glad to count you on the development team.


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