Looking for a project [Java or C++]

  • Patrick

    Patrick - 2012-12-07

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Patrick, I'm currently in my second year of college majoring in Computer Science and I want to build my Java/C++ skills. I have some free time on my hands and I'd like to use it to help out with some open source projects. I've built some simple apps in java using the JGL to make games, and I've coded and have a good understanding of data structures such as heaps/linked lists/hash tables, and I'm always willing to learn. Preferably I'd like to start out working on something beginner or intermediate level to get a feel for open source projects, and I'm open to helping out with just about anything. Send me a message if you're interested.


  • Jack Murphy

    Jack Murphy - 2012-12-17

    Give me a shout at the bo2k project. I am looking for programmers.


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