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  • Qengi

    Qengi - 2013-10-31

    Hi all,

    I'm a professional test & tools developer working with web development, tools development (duh) and test automation (mainly in Linux). I'm proficient in PHP, (My)SQL and can make some lesser magic in Python.

    Now I'm looking at either improving the skills in PHP/(My)SQL/Python or gain new grounds, especially C++ would be interesting. Whilst I haven't touched Git, I do know my way around in SVN.
    I know that no one want "rookies" poking around in their code, but I can bring some good troubleshooting knowledge to solve bugs/issues.

    So, if you are a member of a team looking for SW developers (programming, DB management etc.) give me a hollar!


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    • Code Guru

      Code Guru - 2013-10-31

      BBCT is a baseball card collector app written in Java. We have both a desktop and Android version. If you are interested in adding Java to your skill set, this is a good project to start on. To contact us, please join our mailing list and introduce yourself.

    • Kalaeido

      Kalaeido - 2013-11-20


      im working on a game engine / toolkit since it started to study as part time projet. I worked on last revision one year (3 months of total time) and reached version 4 of my totally reworked code and this is the problem in working part time so this is to all developers out with a little time to get in my project.

      The system is written in C++ as its core language and based on the opengl api at PC and Mac systems.
      The project is posted on sourceforge so any interested people may send me a message.

      It would be nice if you would take a short look at the page

      Just contact me if you're interested.
      greetings kalaeido

  • Barry Carter

    Barry Carter - 2013-12-01

    Meta-Mediawiki is a Semantic Mediawiki extension (of sorts) that
    solves two problems:

    • When you first start a wiki, you may have a lot of information,
      but it's tedious to create multiple pages.

    • Wikis tend to contain a lot of redundant information: the same
      information on many pages.

    To fix this, Meta-Mediawiki lets you create and edit "meta" wiki
    pages, which in turn create 1 or more regular wiki pages.

    The engine is currently written in Perl, and needs to interface with
    MediaWiki's PHP code.

    Other TODO items include figuring out namespaces, improving
    efficiency, considering a different/better syntax, and more.

    The current engine creates a trivial "Small Wonder" wiki as an example:

    but I'm happy to use other examples (in particular, Peanuts comic
    strip and Xanth novels) on request.


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