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  • parks8

    parks8 - 2014-01-02


    My name is David. I have been undergoing my undergraduate experience in materials engineering with a computer science minor for the past few years. I am new to sourceforge. I'm looking for a small to medium sized project in C++. Though it is not my major, I have very strong programming skills including object oriented design, big O optimization, debugging with valgrind or GDB, and a passion to make software run as efficiently and secure as possible. I would be most interested in projects focusing on data structures, algorithms, differential equations, and file syncing, but I would be happy to aid any project that has room for an extra dev. I would be willing to learn anything that is needed in order to further my skills as a developer. (especially c# because I've been wanting to learn it recently).


  • Atle Solbakken

    Atle Solbakken - 2014-01-07

    I could use some help with the newly started project, the P* Web Programming Language.

    P* is a language specially made for web design, with in-language syntax for things like HTML-templates and SQL prepared statements.

    The programs are scripts which are run by the interpreter written in C++11. It can run on the command line, in a CGI environment or by using the provided module for the Apache web server. P* runs on Windows and Linux.

    The basic structure of the interpreter is kind-of finished for now, but there's still lot's of functionality to be written. Among these are time&date-structures, cryptology and file-I/O.

    When it comes to optimization, P* could use some new clever thinking on the expression subsystem, which is a bit slow. All arithmetic operations now requires two or three virtual function calls. This should run faster.

    The project uses GitHub to manage the source code.

    Go have a look on the home page (http://www.p-star.org) or read some code on GitHub (https://github.com/atlesn/P-star).

    I am currently the only developer on this, let me know if this sounds interesting and you want to join in.


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  • AnotherUser

    AnotherUser - 2014-02-04

    Hi David,

    I'd be interested in having some help for my project (http://threedepict.sourceforge.net). The project is a data analysis and visualisation tool for 3D point clouds. The area is a little niche, I will admit, however the codebase is (I believe) a healthy small-medium sized project, and is written in C++. Most of the interesting work (from your perspective) would be in extending the algorithms for data analysis.

    Lots of work on algorithms is required, particularly for the back-end. If this is interesting for you, just send me an email/pm or post on the project forums!



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