Looking For Java Projects On Data Structures + Algorithms + Large Datasets / Games

  • jitesh dundas

    jitesh dundas - 2013-12-12


    I am a Software Programmer with 7 Years of experience with skills in
    java/J2EE with the web aspects being my core skills + Oracle 11g/MySQL.I am
    looking to work on these lines:-

    1) Java based projects which are innovative and fun to work on. No harsh
    deadlines as I can contribute on weekends ( if I am not working in office )
    and maybe 10 hours on weekedays.

    2) Data Structures and Algorithms which should be heavily used in the

    3) Have Large Datasets for which there is a need to search/parse them in
    the best possible manner.

    4) Prefer something on the Web based Java aspects but I can work on
    Standalone projects too.

    The ones in bold are something that I really love and am looking for some
    work on. I wish to practise and improve my skills in this area and so I
    wish to work on them.

    PS: I might need a reference/recoginition for the work that I do on the
    projects in case of any jobs/admission application. So please be available
    for that if possible.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jitesh Dundas

    Email:- jbdundas@gmail.com

    Phone - 732-357-6292

  • Dana Proctor

    Dana Proctor - 2013-12-21


    Please have a look at my project. Perhaps there may be some
    tasks that I have planned for the next release that might
    meet your criteria of 1. and 2.

    Dana M. Proctor
    MyJSQLView Project Manager


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