Projects in C/C++ or Java

  • Samprit Biswas

    Samprit Biswas - 2013-02-06

    My name is Samprit and I am a sophomore student in Computer Science. I am new to sourceforge. I am looking for small to medium sized projects in C/C++ or Java to start with. I am good in C/C++ and Java. I can work in both windows and linux platform.

    My areas of interest are algorithms, data structure, software engineering , Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence(Interested in AI but no theoretical background).

    I would be glad to work in an open source project and contribute more to open source.
    Thank You

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    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2013-09-07


      I need help to code a cryptocurrency named chaOS41 (

      You can only help if you are not in Europe. I can explain.

      I have a lot of explaining to do, and I hope you answer positive.

      Stefaan Meeuws

    • Code Guru

      Code Guru - 2013-09-09

      If you are still looking for a project, BBCT is looking for contributors. This is a multi-platform app to track a baseball card collection. Currently the app runs on all desktop platforms and Android. All of the current code base is in Java.

      If you are interested, you should join our mailing list, install the desktop or Android app, and check out the open tickets.

      Feel free to create new tickets for bugs that you find or features that you want to suggest. Also please post to the mailing list if there is an unassigned ticket you would like to tackle.

  • Justin Yaple

    Justin Yaple - 2013-02-07


    If you’re still looking for a challenging project to join please check out my project.

    It’s the beginning of a Linux based WAN accelerator. Something similar would be Cisco WAAS, Riverbed and Silver Peak WAN accelerators. OpenNOP has only a very basic feature set compared to these commercial products but I hope to someday offer similar features.

    The project is rather complex and requires some solid knowledge of TCP/IP and the Linux network stack.

    If you’re interested send me a message and double check that your email is updated in so I can reply.


  • Luiz

    Luiz - 2013-02-11

    Hey Samprit,

    I'm working on a 2D/(3D later on) Java Chess game. Every one of your areas of interest
    fit in with our project. It's a small group of three, and we could definitely
    use your help if you are available and interested.

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Thank for your time,

  • Gubatron

    Gubatron - 2013-07-22

    We have a huge code base with lots of interesting challenges and lots of bugs to fix

    Take your pick:

    Mostly Java, with a few C++ stunts if we need to go native (rarely happens)

    Lots of open issues (and even more not entered into the bug tracker)

    To collaborate:

    1. Fork us.
    2. Create a branch for your fix.
    3. Code as best as you possibly can (no code repetition, no "broken windows", no cutting corners), Commit, Push until done.
    4. Submit your Pull Request with the branch you just finished along with a very detailed explanation of what you did and why. If you include tests that's a plus.

    Your code will be used by millions worldwide.

    Team FrostWire


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