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  • Kevin Matesi

    Kevin Matesi - 2013-02-15

    My name is Kevin I have been undergoing my Master's in Computer Science for the past few years. I am new to sourceforge. I am looking for a small to medium sized project in C++ or Java. I am well versed in both C++ and Java, but I'm most proficient in Java. I also know a great deal of Javascript/html/css.

    My main areas of interest are data structures, algorithms, image editng, mathematics. However, I am open to any type of project.

    I would be happy to aid any ongoing open source project, or one that has just begun.


    • Kalaeido

      Kalaeido - 2013-11-20


      im working on a game engine / toolkit since it started to study as part time projet. I worked on last revision one year (3 months of total time) and reached version 4 of my totally reworked code and this is the problem in working part time so this is to all developers out with a little time to get in my project.

      The system is written in C++ as its core language and based on the opengl api at PC and Mac systems.
      The project is posted on sourceforge so any interested people may send me a message.

      It would be nice if you would take a short look at the page

      Just contact me if you're interested.
      greetings kalaeido

  • Gubatron

    Gubatron - 2013-07-22

    We have a huge code base with lots of interesting challenges and lots of bugs to fix

    Take your pick:

    Mostly Java, with a few C++ stunts if we need to go native (rarely happens)

    Lots of open issues (and even more not entered into the bug tracker)

    To collaborate:

    1. Fork us.
    2. Create a branch for your fix.
    3. Code as best as you possibly can (no code repetition, no "broken windows", no cutting corners), Commit, Push until done.
    4. Submit your Pull Request with the branch you just finished along with a very detailed explanation of what you did and why. If you include tests that's a plus.

    Your code will be used by millions worldwide.

    Team FrostWire

  • David McMonigle

    David McMonigle - 2013-10-31

    I'm looking for Java Developers to help me start my project:
    It's a Text-Based American Football Simulator, I'd like to model it a little after OOTP Baseball
    Please join the mailing list if you're interested, or simply just message me

    Last edit: David McMonigle 18 minutes ago


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