Looking for Java or Python projects

  • Theoklitos Christodoulou

    I have professional java experience of 4+ years and some small Python experience as well which I am eager to expand upon.

    This period i have enough free time to contribute to a project, so if you want any help with your (preferably) Python or Java project i'd love to help.

    • Adam Tauno Williams

      How about OpenGroupware Coils. It is a large Python code base. It tackles several interesting problems from WebDAV to workflow. There are both large and small tasks; the ticket system has tasks marked as "Dangling Fruit" for those looking for a small specific item to work on.

    • David Matthews

      David Matthews - 2014-04-23


      there is work to be done here (mainly java) :-)

  • Code Guru

    Code Guru - 2014-03-24

    BBCT is looking for developers to join our small team. We develop a baseball card collector's app written in Java. If you are interested, please subscribe to our mailing list.


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