Ondrej Tuma - 2014-07-16

Hi all,

I'm finding graphic designer, ho makes icons for mind map architect. At this moment, architect has icon, which represents text note at idea node and icons to switch edit box to full edit form. There could be icons, for commands expand and collapse branches, i don't know how they could look.

But now, Mind Map Architect have icons, which user can set as idea node flags. States and icons will be (state - icon):

done - check, leave - cross, idea - light bulb, tip - star, bomb - bomb, question - question mark, warning - exclamation mark, phone - mobile, mail - envelope, bug - bug, plan - calendar, web - earth / globe, yes - thumbsup, no - thumbsdown, maybe - thumbshorizontally.

That wold be great, if icons will be in same style, and it must be in some public licence. Mind Map Architect is under BSD, but icons can't be in same licence. If you want some other states, please send me that.

Thank's a lot and write the message, if you start working on that. Never mind, if Mind Map Architect will have more styles set, i can add themes for it ;)

Icons must be in vectors, because application use more sizes, and the size of icon could be variable according to size of node (idea).

Thanks a lot,
Ondřej McBig Tůma