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Looking for assets Modeling creator

  • grendizer

    grendizer - 2013-05-26

    looking for modeling creator that working with high poly and low poly for creating weapons and other tools to my Engine game.
    I need to see the full power of my Engine rendering on huge crowded world models and entities.

    you can join project here

    NonoEngine 3D Engine game technology

    • Stephen Z Turner

      Over the years I have done some work. Though Sourceforge. Lightbringer project and Shadowrun Awakened project.

      Have a few years developing models with the Blender 3D application. Drop me a line if your still interested in an artist.

  • Julie May

    Julie May - 2013-12-02

    I would be interested in developing some models for you. Quick access to two modellers, one animator, and one game developer (prefers Unity although this looks like fun.)


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