David Costanzo - 2015-10-25

One times when I lost my message to this issue, many months ago, I stumbled on what may work as an early warning system to protect our data in most cases. If you click on the eyeball to view a preview, it makes an AJAX request to SourceForge.net. When SourceForge was down for maintenence (if I remember correctly), this did nothing. I thought this was weird at the time, but I posted anyway and lost my message.

So, until the problem is resolved, this might work for us:

  1. Before clicking Post or Save for any ticket message, always look at a preview.
  2. If the preview doesn't appear, copy and paste your message into a separate text editor and save it for future posting.
  3. Open a new browser tab to the ticketing system to see if it is, indeed, down for maintenence.