#225 Kill Sticky Headers on SF


I have been getting progressively more & more disappointed with muppet web developers jumping on the sticky header bandwagon, SF is just one more site that shits me to tears with such gimmics & nonsense, for those that don't know see http://wordpress.org/plugins/sticky-header/ for info.

It is incredibley annoying to find that when I scroll a page I loose some vertical space for content I want to read to some stupid gimmic that some muppet think looks 'cool', or is modern, or is the latest fad/craze.

Can you please kill this function or at the very least make it configurable on logon so i can get rid of it.

I consume a lot of info everyday & garbage like this just makes this process more tedious.

There is no argument that will make this a useful tool, unless you're pandering to peeps with brain cell numbers in single figures that can't find the Home key on the keyboard.

The more you dumb down the interface the less usuable you make it for the majority that have some idea of what they are doing.

If you must keep it, make it optional.



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