#191 Add gitpython library to python path for hook scripts


Would it be possible to install the gitpython library such that it's available to the post-receive-user script executed server side when pushes are made to the server?

I was able to install the lib on my shell account, but it seems whatever's installed on a user shell isn't available in the execution environment of the hooks on the code server.

This library makes it very easy to interact with the repository during post processing.


If it can't/won't be installed system wide, is there some other way to make it available to my hook scripts?


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    I've moved this to the feature request section to gauge interest in having this library available site-wide.

    As for installing it in your space, it is correct that the servers for the shell service is separate from the servers that host the repositories and run hook scripts. I haven't tested this, but I believe your best bet for this would be to try and install directory path of the repo itself. Also, please note that the paths on the shell service likewise do not necessarily match the paths on the repository server.

    Note that installing a library like that in your own space would be considered "unsupported", in other words, we can't give much assistance for it, though if you are able to do that yourself, I don't see a problem with it.

    Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support


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