#19 Prevent readme from being shown in code area



I understand that a readme file is shown in the file release system, but why is it also shown in the code area? When you open the URL mentioned below, you will only see the html code. The file README.html is used on the project´s web. Apparently, it doesn´t make sense to display the contents of that file there.




  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2012-10-31

    It is indeed questionable to display a README.html as plain-text …
    Maybe limit it to some filename-extensions which are displayed?

  • Florian Haag

    Florian Haag - 2012-11-04

    The code area shows exactly the contents of the repository. Possibly, Code is a bit of a misnomer there, as version control systems tend to contain other resources as well; e.g. documentation files and readme files.

    But, back to the topic, I'd expect every file in a repository to be shown as is, and I'd expect any text file to be displayed in its raw form. Possibly, what is in the repository is not even a well-formed HTML document in all cases, but just a template that gets automatically processed by some build script - automatically trying to display the HTML as HTML would break in that case.

    Summarizing, I'd opt against trying to automatically hide or interpret arbitrary sets of files based on arbitrary criteria, as that would blur the original purpose of the VCS view, to show a raw view of the repository contents.


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