#177 Flattr Micro Donations system implementation into Sourceforge Project Pages


At present the only method for users to donate to projects on Sourceforge is via and very small link to a PayPal donations page. Many people probably don't even see this link and not everybody likes to donate via PayPal.

I rarely go through the PayPal donation system if I see it on websites or here on Sourceforge. It is a cumbersome tedious process. However if I see a Flattr button on a page and I want to donate, I simply click the button and boom, I've donated.

Flattr is a micro payments service. Users pre-load some money into their Flattr account. They decide how much of this is to be shared out each month. They then browse the web, wherever they see a Flattr button, if the want to donate they just click the button and it is marked as a donation. At the end of the month the money the user has allocated in their Flattr account for the month is shared out evenly to all the Flattr button owners they have clicked on. This makes donating fast, easy and social. It is akin to 'Liking' something except it has some real monetary value. You can find out more about Flattr here https://flattr.com

There are already Twitter and Google+ buttons on the Sourceforge projects pages. Why not give projects owners the option to include a Flattr button on their project page and easily collect donations from happy software users. Flattr has also introduced a revenue share option for developers that integrate Flattr into their apps (https://flattr.com/partner)

If Flattr was on Sourceforge, I would be Flattr'ing every open source project I use here. Please consider this.


  • Anonymous - 2013-09-30

    Note: we don't actually have an integrated donation system anymore (PayPal or otherwise). Instead, we recommend that users use the External Link tool and configure it to point to whatever donation service they prefer, whether that be PayPal or Flattr, or a bitcoin donation, or whatever works for them.

    That said, I think we should keep this feature-request open as a request for a more integrated system, to see if how much demand there is for such a feature instead of just using external links.

  • Stephen Judge

    Stephen Judge - 2013-09-30

    Ah I see, I didn't realise you got rid of the integrated PayPal. I suppose the work integrated sounds very involved and one of the things I like about Flattr is that there is very little integration needed. What would would well would be for someone to write a plugin for your Allura platform, so that a project lead would only need to insert their Flattr username. Then a unique button is generated for their project that is connected to their Flatter account. The button could/should be built into the Summary panel to make it easy for users to see the button and Flattr the project if they wish to donate to them.

    Such a plugin already exists for WordPress to auto-generated Flattr buttons for blog posts or pages. It could work just as well for SourceForge.

    The Flattr team have already built in meta data discovery for GitHub repositories and people, into their browser plugins, along with other popular services, see http://flattr.com/extension . This has been hugely popular with Flattr users want to donate to projects and people on GitHub. They have a pretty extensive API to integrate Flattr into web apps, see http://developers.flattr.net and probably the most successfull implementation has been the integration of Flattr in the Grooveshark music service, allowing users to Flattr and auto-Flattr tracks they listen to or favourite. As an incentive they also have a revenue share program http://flattr.com/partner but I personally think the coolest part is about making as easy as possible for people to contribute back to the open source projects they love. Users regularly click Facebook Like buttons, and this is pretty much the same experience.

    I am sure if you contact the Flattr team they'd be more than willing to help you integrate it. I have no connection with Flattr I am just a passionate user of open source software and I want to see an easy system for people like me to contribute back to the projects. I use Flattr a lot to donate and show my gratitude to creators all over the web and it is perfect fit for software projects in my opinion.


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