Mercurial Permissions

Mercurial permissions management

Mercurial service is provided on an opt-in basis, and must be enabled for a project before it may be used. Once Mercurial service has been enabled, Mercurial permissions may be managed.

Mercurial repositories at have two types of permissions: read and write.

Read permissions

Read permissions are granted to all users (including anonymous access). In the spirit of Open Source, source code should be available to everyone, so no means is provided to remove read access from a repository.

Write permissions

Permission to write to a repository may be granted to a project developer by a project administrator.

To grant or revoke Mercurial repository write permission on a developer:

Login and go to the Admin page for your project.
Click on User Permissions
In the Developer section, click "Add"
Enter the developer's username and click "Save"

Fine-grained permission control

At this time, does not provide finer-grained permissions (e.g. restrict access by specific paths within a repository) for Mercurial. We will consider implementing fine-grained permissions for our Mercurial service based on the feedback we receive from project developers.


Documentation: Mercurial