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Mailing List Archives

Mailing List Archive Backups provides mailing list services. Mailing lists are each automatically archived to a mbox file. provides a self-service facility to permit project administrators to download the mbox archive file for their lists, allowing backups and the retrieval of list data for analysis or research.

Since mbox archives contain only obfuscated email addresses, but we still make these archive files available solely to project administrators. Other users will need to contact the project administrators to request access to this data.

How to obtain a mbox file

mbox files are available to project administrators via web interface. In the example below, replace LISTNAME with the mailing list name:

You will be prompted for your username and password.

For example, to access the alexandria-mirrors@… mailing list mbox, you would access the following URL and authenticate as a project admin of the alexandria project:

Restoring or uploading an mbox file

If you have a project, you can request to have an existing mbox file uploaded to a mail list for your project. Log a support ticket with the full path of the file and to what mailing list on your project.


Documentation: Mailing Lists