Blog overview

The blog tool can be used for providing news about your projects. Examples include release notes and changelogs, announcing events related to your project, etc.

Configuring the Blog

You may install or remove a blog via the "Add New..." link in the project menu bar.

Once installed, for each Blog, there are a number of configuration options available. In addition to the common tool options of permissions, Rename and Delete, there are also these options specific to the Blog tool:

External Feeds

External feeds may be added through this setting, and at SourceForge, we will check these external feeds every three hours and add posts the the blog accordingly. Multiple feeds may be added, which can serve to aggregate related news about the project.

Unchecking a feed will remove it from the list.

Using the Blog

Like all Allura tools, the blog uses Markdown syntax. Each blog post will also have a discussion section for users to comment on the post.

Posting and editing

To create a new post, select "New Post" from the left sidebar. Enter a title and description for the post, and Save to publish the post. If you save a draft for later editing before making it public, change the State to Draft before saving.

To edit a post or saved draft, select the Edit link. You may also delete a post from the Edit view.

Note: The URL will be based on the original post date and title, and will not be updated if you change the contents of the post.


Documentation: Project News