Webify ForeignDesk

  • tamarab

    tamarab - 2004-07-21

    Has anyone ported ForeignDesk to a web version? I'm looking for a way to manage a publicly searched glossary of terms.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-07-22

      I don't think anyone has "webified" Foreigndesk or it's term manager component.  The only product I know about that does what you want is Trados Multiterm (http://www.trados.com/products.asp?page=22).

      • RaceBuilder

        RaceBuilder - 2004-07-22

        There could be a way to do this with ForeignDesk:

        1) Import the glossary into ForeignDesk TermBase
        2) Update the file when necessary
        3) Export the file manually (or automatically using a utility) to HTML into the folder containing the web site, if you're running the web site on the same machine
        4) If necessary, attach an action/script to the folder into which the glossary is exported to automatically upload it to the server where the web site resides

        There, my two cents.

      • RaceBuilder

        RaceBuilder - 2004-07-22

        On another note - are you using TermBase successfully integrated into ForeignDesk, i.e., terms are suggested automatically when you select one in the target pane?  If so, in what version of ForeignDesk?
        Thanks in advance!

      • Daniel G. Rodriguez

        There is an open source web terminology manager called OpenNetTerminologyManager.  http://sourceforge.net/projects/openwebterm/

        Not sure if it's still being maintained, though.



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