rc project creation

  • Markus Naumann

    Markus Naumann - 2002-10-22

    I have some problems creating a new foreigndesk 6.0.1 project with .rc source files using foreigndesk PA. Neither with nor without Trados I couldnt create the the project, there were always runtime errors or error messages (e.g. #53). Can you help me?



    • Anonymous - 2003-03-11

      The error reporting of FDPA is not good.  I'm working with XML files, but I've had similar baffling problems.  My only advice is

      1) make sure that there are no extraneous files in your source directory (ie, no .res files or .dll files).  .rc files only.

      2) make sure you are using an .odl that supports .rc files

      3) start by trying to create a project with one small file only.  Then gradually add your other files / increase the size of the original file, until you see the error message.  Then you can pinpoint where the problem is.


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