Dan Noel - 2004-03-01

1)    There does not appear to be any documentation that summarizes the capabilities of the .NET parser. We would like some insight into the capabilities of the parser and the types of files it can handle. For example, can it work with some .resx files? Does it work with compiled .assemblies? 

2)    We cannot get the Sample Project that comes with the .NET parser to work cleanly on different machines. On my machine, the built project leads to an Access violation. The project itself is very simple and consists of just a crude .exe. A more elaborate real world .NET example would help us get a sense of how the .NET parser intends to operate.

3)    The Sample Project does not produce a screen file that would allow the translator to adjust sizing constraints. We intend to produce a Foreign Desk Kit that we will ship to translators. We want our translators to be able to adjust form sizing along with  translations, but the sample project does not produce a form that we could send off to translators. Is this some kind of installation issue?

4)    Foreign Desk can not parse the most basic .resx file. We get a parse error on the very first line ( just the xml declaration ) of a .rex file. Here again I wonder if we have some sort of installation issue, but we are following the docs on different machines and have had different people attempt to the installation.

5)    There does not appear to be much activity on the support forums or mailing lists. Are there any users who are actively using or supporting foreign desk in the .NET framework?