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 CBC 2012-09-07 [e77b75] First CBC iCreate FBs
 Devices 2015-11-02 Alois Zoitl Alois Zoitl [e31120] - introduced device for FBRTs RMT_FRAME with t...
 FBRT 2015-04-14 Alois Zoitl Alois Zoitl [e9f4cc] moved mech FBs to FBRT to better show their ori...
 IEC61131-3 2017-06-23 Alois Zoitl Alois Zoitl [7959b1] [517910] FB_CTD_UDINT is actually of type DINT
 LMS 2012-01-31 [ca51d1] added FBs for LMS plattform
 OSCAT 2013-10-19 Alois Zoitl Alois Zoitl [29ea0c] added OSCAT PID and supporting FBs
 Resources 2015-10-31 Alois Zoitl Alois Zoitl [197519] added device definitions for PFC200, FORTE_PC, ...
 Segments 2012-06-18 tstras tstras [86d1cc] ADD Ethernet POWERLINK segment
 be_m1 2012-06-28 [2e178a] added SIFBs for Bachmann electronic M1 PLC
 convert 2012-03-25 anubis@thunder anubis@thunder [dcd673] changed library structure
 events 2014-12-12 Monika Wenger Monika Wenger [6e6af9] fix [issues:#952] LD Algorithm of E_CTD is wrong
 io 2017-03-20 Monika Wenger Monika Wenger [34f79f] add ID and QD function block
 math 2012-06-01 gebenh gebenh [b9be4f] add FB_RANDOM.fbt
 net 2013-07-27 Alois Zoitl Alois Zoitl [a08eea] added fbt files for the ANY_ADAPTER
 powerlink 2013-03-07 fandr fandr [2cae88] ADD new B&R powerlink FB
 reconfiguration 2014-05-07 Matthias Plasch Matthias Plasch [28d0c2] ADD [issues:#855] Structural and Execution Cont...
 rtevents 2014-01-02 Alois Zoitl Alois Zoitl [99a4b5] implemented [issues:#335] Implementation for RT...
 test 2012-01-11 [45a659] add sample for structured datatype and accordin...
 utils 2015-01-11 Alois Zoitl Alois Zoitl [7bd66f] added missing fbt file for the STEST_END FB
 .hgtags 2016-05-03 Gerhard Ebenhofer Gerhard Ebenhofer [db091f] Added tag 1.8.x for changeset e31120839fed