Snooker rules?

  • Mst

    Mst - 2012-11-24

    Will there be a better and complete implementation of snooker rules?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Moin Martin.

    Be assured, that Holger is doing his best. But quite some issues need to be addressed and not all of them will have an immediate effect on the user-interaction ("the way that the game-play is felt"). While the snooker rules need to be honoured completely one day, as they are part of the objective, other shortcomings are quite annoying and will certainly be attacked much earlier.

    I am responding, because a few such requests had been uttered in the past, -some by myself-, and some answers had been given by Holger. Considering the great work that he has done and all the improvements which had been felt by us players since the days of the "old" foobillard, we should just sit back, fold our hands on our belly and relax. Good thins are coming along all the time … ;-)

  • Holger Schäkel

    Holger Schäkel - 2012-11-29


    I've a new job and in the past half year I've no time to work on this project. I want to work on it, but can't - no time……. :-((

    In the feature I want to do more on the rules. Not only snooker, also 8- and 9-ball.


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