Rule Changes and game type

  • Anonymous - 2012-02-18

    i have an couple of suddestions for the rules of some games and a new game time

    first of all in 9Ball rules normally if you foul 3 times in a row you get disqulified also when you foul the other player can place the cueball anywhere on the table not just on the "D" line if a player pots a ball in foul the ball is returned on the table.

    on the 8 ball rules assuming its US rules doesnt the player normally have to declare where the 8 ball goes? if they pot it in the wrong hole  then they get DQ'ed also scarcthing the cue ball the player can place the cue anywhere on the table

    on the subject of 8 ball may i suddest can we have UK rules 8 ball as well which is simlier to US 8 ball but the basic changes are.
    * 7 red / 7 yellow balls 1 black ball
    * if a player fouls then the other player gets a shot at any ball and a free shot (if s/he doesnt pot a ball)
    * you dont have to declare a 8 ball
    * if at the begninging of a game a player pots both red and yellow balls they can declare what colour they are
    * if a player scratches (pots the cue) then a shot has to be taken from the D line.
    * if a player pots the wrong colour ball its a foul same with hitting the wrong colour ball / 8 ball (early) first (expect if the other player fouls first as mentioned above)
    * potting the 8ball early is a DQ also potting the 8ball and the cue ball (like the US rules)

    these are my suddestions :-)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Stew, first of all, what you call suggestions, I call the rules. ;-)

    Or put another way, to make foobilliard++ a perfect simulation your suggestions must be implemented anyway. Yes, the player usually has to announce, in which pocket the black should go.

    Some of your rules of the UK 8 ball variant are the same that I knew, when I played "real" billiard games. I deem them all worth consideration.

    But from what I understood, the code-base of the game is in urgent need of a general brush up. Holger, though doing an awesome job until now, will have to do a lot of code-reviews to understand what has already is implemented.., let alone to get to fix some ancient bugs. I believe that we have to wait  a little for these new features and should just enjoy the tiny improvements which come with each new release.

  • Holger Schäkel

    Holger Schäkel - 2012-02-19


    yes, I want to do a lot on the rules. Have a look on the tracker ID  3304659 from 2011-05-19. I underestimated the time needed to realize all I want.

    Now I'm mostly ready with graphic and sound/music and want to work on the network gameplay. After this is done, I want to integrate more different game-rules for 8 ball, 9 ball and so on.

  • Anonymous - 2012-02-20

    so its all in a the grand plan of things..

    i will say ita great and additcive game.. :-)


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