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  • Bat Guano

    Bat Guano - 2012-11-28

    I have imported...

    , then:

    If you (Holger) want to maintain it

    @alrusdi, maybe you should reverse the sense of your actions, slightly. Sourceforge functions in a certain way, github in another. Without wishing to act on Holger's behalf, I deem it better to take possession of your new github repository, yourself and invite people to participate in your Foobilliard-project. Even then, Holger would be free to join or not. But the way that you put it, may be understood in a way, that you do not like.

    I would not like it.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    patguano, maybe i should improve my English. I think this may be a problem but not a fact of mirroring fobilliard on github. Also i believe it's very important to not claim a Foobilliard-project as mine. If Holger wants to maintain his project on github too - i will give him an admin rights to it. Else SourceForge will be base repo for the github fork.
    Anyway thank you patguano for your opinion, and i'm sorry if my lang problems caused you to unlike my idea.

  • alrusdi

    alrusdi - 2012-11-28

    Hm, also i need check twice if i logged in to sourceforge before writing anything on forums(( Previous message was mine too

  • Holger Schäkel

    Holger Schäkel - 2012-11-29


    there is no time left for me, to do something on other branches. I've a repo on launchpad too (and google code, specially for the windows setup download). I want to work on an implementation for ubuntu dep-packages, but don't really understand the building rules……. If someone can help me there?

    My attempts are in the debian subdirectory inside the source code

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    holger110462 i'm very interesting to help you with buid foobillard++ on ubuntu
    I'll try it today with CDBS and report my results

  • alrusdi

    alrusdi - 2012-12-01

    Ups… previous message was mine…
    I've almost finished with building for ubuntu
    Here is the changed files:
    debian dir may be completely replaced with new one and in  only install-data-hook block changed.
    It is still the problem with launching game, because binary must be in /usr/games/foobillardplus but data in /usr/share/foobillardplus/data
    We can provide shell script like: cd /usr/share/foobillardplus/data; ./foobillardplus
    Or define DATA_DIRECTORY at compile time like it was done in original game
    Also it's possible (probably) to detect data dir at runtime as recommended by autotools developers but i dont think if it's good idea.
    So you Holger should decide which way to go…
    Next step is PPA repo on launchpad?

  • Holger Schäkel

    Holger Schäkel - 2012-12-03

    Hello Alrusdi,

    thank you very much for your work. Please give me a little bit time for more answers. The debian directory is used for a compilation for debian.

  • alrusdi

    alrusdi - 2012-12-04

    holger110462 Yes, for all debian based distributions (Debian itself, Ubuntu, Mint etc…)
    To build we need a special helper tool debuild . This tool is collects an info about package from debian/control and debian changelog files, builds the sources with debian/rules (using autotools in our case), packs all needed thing into single .deb file and signs it for distribution.


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