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Feature request: Multiplayer lobby

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Current system (which is same as in FB) requires to enter IP number to connect. It is fine to play via LAN, but when you have nobody to play with (direct net access) it isn't good. What I'm proposing is to add lobby similar to those which have games like Hedgewars or Frozen Bubble, or even java-based browser 2d billiards on Thanks in advance.

    P.S.: I know it may be hard to do, but there is my concept: Lobby server stores IP addresses of connected players + additional info (like whether player is playing or not and player's nickname), then list of players is sending to all connected clients and actual gameplay is realized via current network code - the only difference is that IP is fetched from server instead of getting it from player.

  • Holger Schäkel

    Holger Schäkel - 2011-12-14

    The network play-system inside foobillard++ is totally new and uses SDL_net. The old code does not work, and the new is not ready. That's the reason, why foobillard++ is in beta!


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