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Updated Makefile for new GNU "make"

The brandnew GNU make 3.8.1 has undergone some changes. One of this changes makes the fontlinge module uninstallable.
Today an update to that Makefile was released. The update contains just the changed file and adds no new features.

Posted by Joerg R. 2006-02-04

New release

A lot work has been done to produce a very stable 2.0.1. Also a huge code cleanup has been prepared.

Posted by Joerg R. 2003-10-25

Sortet LOTS of Fonts

About 32.000 (!!!!!!) Fonts have been added to the "look-like" database. That means, a huge mass of fonts doesn't look "unknown" anymore but goes into the right category.

Posted by Joerg R. 2002-08-25

0.0.9 is something like a RC1

Well, nearly. There seem to be no really ugly bugs, and TrueType/OpenType seems to work really good. PostScript "works" but lacks of people who relly test it. Beside me.

Posted by Joerg R. 2002-08-25

0.0.5 was broken, 0.0.6 should be O.K.

v0.0.5 killed MySql when importing database.
This time it should work.

Posted by Joerg R. 2002-07-30

Status at 0.0.5

Seems as if it's running pretty nearly-stable. :-)

Posted by Joerg R. 2002-07-26

Initial Release

Here we go. It's an alpha, but works fine for me.

Posted by Joerg R. 2002-07-12