cfr - 2008-01-14

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Note: I've _never_ used CygWin. This looks similar to a (much less informative error) seen on Mac OS X, though. I think what you need to do is to start X11 _first_ and _then_ start fontforge from within X11. Usually, if you start X11, it'll start a couple of default programmes including xterm. This should mean you get a terminal with a command prompt and you can start fontforge from there. Fontforge needs the X11 stuff to be up and running before it is started - at least, it does on Mac OS X and I think that's so here. The problem doesn't look to be missing software but just the way you get it all going.

If not, try the fontforge mailing list. I suspect that is more active than these forums.

Hope this helps somebody.

- cfr