#18 [fixed] Generating font broken in Windows 8 Pro?


I just installed FF yesterday for the first time and maybe I missed something, but:

When generating a font under Win8 it generates invalid, 0kb files. I tried different options: ttf, otf end up sized 0kb, pfb is 1kb big. But none of them can be installed.
The font itself was a quick test, starting a new font with the default setting and just putting in 0-9 and A-Z, nothing fancy.
Today I tested it on Windows 7 and this font exports perfectly and can be added to windows without problems.

I'll try now to reinstall FF on my Win8 machine, but I doubt that this helps. Info about my PC: Fresh install of Win8 Pro 64bit, everything up to date. On Samsung Slate (btw your UI doesn't go too well with touchscreens). Tell me if you need more information.


  • Annuschka

    Annuschka - 2013-02-13

    Alright, I found the problem myself: I was generating the fonts on an SD card.
    Using the regular C:\ drive for saving the fonts worked fine.
    I'll just leave it here, if anyone else needs to know this.

  • Annuschka

    Annuschka - 2013-02-13
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