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#11 Fedora power PC patch


Fedora website has a few patches to add but latest fontforge has most of them already.
Fedora fontforge-20110222-multilib.patch was applied to configure, however, this patch puts the fix in the file so that the next time you use autoconf to update configure, the fix is included.


  • Jose Da Silva

    Jose Da Silva - 2012-07-24

    Fedora fontforge-20110222-multilib.patch for powerpc compilation

  • Barry Schwartz

    Barry Schwartz - 2012-07-24

    I would say that definitely a multilib patch that messes with configure ought to be held off on, and the problem may go away with the new configure system.

    FontForge’s current configure system is at end of life, surely. It's in a terrible state. I'm using modern autoconf and automake -- it will be much nicer.

  • Michał Nowakowski

    Postponed to give Barry more time for making the new build system.

  • Michał Nowakowski

    • status: open --> pending-later
  • Michał Nowakowski

    OK, Barry moved from Mercurial patch queues to GitHub.
    Patch applied.

  • Michał Nowakowski

    • status: pending-later --> closed-accepted

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