For interested folks:

            I used the fontforge-mingw_2009_10_28.Zip package that I downloaded from the Unofficial Fontforge-Mingw web site which is in Japanese. If your Japanese is as poor as mine (non-existent) then you may wish to look at a English translation which the Google search engine can supply. The download package is relatively small (12+ megabytes). I used the HOWTO Install the MinGW (GCC) Compiler Suite web site for general reference and unzipped the package into a newly created Fontforge directory on my C: (obeying the caution not to use any directory structure which contained a space in its name). I then expanded the Security Permissions to Everyone on the Fontforge directory. Finally, I started the program itself by activating (clicking on) the file fontforge.bat which is two levels down from the main C:\. A working shortcut of fontforge.bat can be made.

                        - Mark Lee

P. S. Using Cygwin has become so muddled that it has all but officially gone by the wayside.