Fallout 3 quits on save


    KLAofDOOM - 2011-08-29

    It seems that I can't save Fallout 3 anymore?   When I go to save it just quits.   I have FOMM, but am very new to modding.   Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers on what I should do to get back up and running?   Thanks in advance for any help.

  • kelly gongaware

    kelly gongaware - 2011-08-29

    Oh I had that problem, initially check to see if any of your mods require a dlc that is not active, if you use archive invalidation try toggling it to the other position, you might want to get FO3Edit mod, this will check your systems compatability between mods and correct them if it can, it will identify problem for you to repair or delete. and finally your fallout.ini file might need a minor correction to the > 'bUseThreadedAI=0', have it read 1 instead.  Try these one at a time to see what works, you may need to delet mods that are incompatible, do the fallout.ini thing last, if none of these work you may have to reload your fallout game and start from scratch, remember when you install a new mod take a couple of minutes to see that it doesn't crash the game, luck


    KLAofDOOM - 2011-09-11

    Thanks for your help.   I installed FO3Edit and it helped allot.   I did end up stripping everything out and reinstalling and that, combined with FO3Edit,  cut down on any issues significantly.   Sorry for the late reply - I have been busy playing FO3.  :)

  • kelly gongaware

    kelly gongaware - 2011-09-12

    yeah it took several people helping me to get it down to that simple list, pass it on…


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