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  • Isabelxxx

    Isabelxxx - 2010-12-20

    Using the Boss auto sort option automatically changes the load order without letting the user to see first if the change would be properly done.
    You can still backup your load order list and then re-load it but there is no possibility to make tweaks in the auto sorted list before applying it. Also, the best and easiest way to compare would be seeing at the same time the suggested list and the personal list, in order to perform those specific changes by  comparison.

    The method:
    Load order/Boss autosort
    would not apply directly the suggested list without any intervention anymore. Instead of that by using the option FOMM would open a new window with 2 main panels.

    At the left, the personal load order list used at the moment.
    At the right, the list with the changes done by the BOSS utility.

    The user should be able to perform the same changes and actions as in the main load order list.

    2 buttons (apart from the interface you consider): Apply personal list. Apply Boss list.
    Self explanatory, clicking in the buttons would apply the appropriate lists.
    It would apply tha list, but including the changes the user have done on it if applicable -not only what BOSS considers right.

    Note that I still consider the option to apply the personal order list (even when it's supposed to be already in use). There are reasons to do it:
    -Sometimes it would be easier changing some mods in the personal list according to what BOSS says than reordering the entire BOSS list. This just simplify the system. Check the recommendations, made your changes and select the list you want to apply.

    -Loading other lists. I have said that the list at left would be the personal load order list but what about loading others? I could decide to import a list from a file in this window and use it instead of my list. As you can see this allows users to perform some advanced changes in the list (sorting different profiles/lists, using modified BOSS lists, ….)

    Finally, the details:

    Those mods that are recognized by the BOSS utility would have a green colour in the font or the background.
    Those unrecognized -which would need to be set manually-  in red.

    In the right panel (boss list) all the mods would have this classification per coulour to show which are in the right place . I
    n the left only those which were not recognized by BOSS would have the red colour (to easy see were the user put those unrecognized mods in his personal list).

    For ex:



  • Isabelxxx

    Isabelxxx - 2010-12-20




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