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Status of Project (we're not dead yet!)

With the 1.7.4 release, I've updated the icons for a slightly fresher look and have fixed some small things in the backend. I've also removed the external dependencies as I figured out that the bug I was chasing was machine specific.

There's only 1 active committer on the project, so updates get posted pretty slowly (as time permits). If there are any needs for features or bug fixes, feel free to post to the mailing list, forums, issue tracker or email me. Unless someone is asking for a change, I really only update for what I need as I don't want the project source base to get unwieldy due to feature bloat.... read more

Posted by Carl Hall 2008-12-30

Project Now In SVN

The latest Follow code can now be found be SVN. The project has moved from CVS to SVN for flexibility that will be needed for upcoming changes to the source code to allow for greater development efficiency.

Posted by Carl Hall 2006-05-17

Follow 1.5.0 released

It's been 3 years since a release, so we figured it was about time to get some new features built in. Of the bug fixes applied and features added, the highlights are:

- Search within a file
- Pause a followed file
- Restart a followed file

Development is picking up, so if you have any features you'd like to see, please add them to the feature requests on SF.

Posted by Carl Hall 2006-04-12

Follow v1.4 released

This release includes the oft-requested autoscroll feature.

Posted by Greg Merrill 2001-06-22

Follow now using BugTracker

The Follow project has enabled its BugTracker. You may now submit your bug reports & enhancement requests for Follow at

Posted by Greg Merrill 2000-09-13

Follow v1.3.1 Released

Follow is a simple Java application which allows a user to monitor several log files concurrently. The name and behavior of this application are inspired by the "f" (follow) flag of the UNIX command "tail". This release (version 1.3.1) represents Follow's SourceForge debut.

Posted by Greg Merrill 2000-09-12