#10 Process priority


Please change default priority of indexing process to
Moreover indexing should stop, when I close explorer
window or should index files slower, there should be
option to set max index speed, it takes too many


  • Brio

    Brio - 2006-04-15

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    I think what you mean is lower the priority of the indexing
    THREADS. This may be a good idea, but there may be some
    priority inversion issues that I'd want to look into first.

    The indexing already does stop when you close Explorer
    windows, after it's finished scanning once everything you've
    looked at in Explorer. So next time you open Explorer, it's
    already got it. But it won't keep scanning after the first
    scan if there are no Explorer windows open. This behaviour
    is by design.

    Also, the scanning already doesn't run at max speed. It
    keeps your disk bandwidth below a threshold. When other
    applications use disk resources past this threshold, the
    scanner stops entirely. Since this system was implemented, I
    haven't noticed significant slowdown.

    Please respond if you can be more specific about how much
    slowdown you're experiencing while the service is scanning.

  • Tomek

    Tomek - 2006-04-15

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    For example, when I open root directory of C:\ whole drive
    is counted, it takes very many resources. When I try to run
    Word, it starts about 37s, when system is idle, it takes no
    more than 4s. My HDD can read about 35-40MB/s. C:\
    partition has 19GB, and about 16GB is used.

    I think, you should add speed limit option to config file.
    No special interface for configuration, only one config
    file will be enough for me.

  • Brio

    Brio - 2006-04-15

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    Wow, that is a big performance problem! Thanks for the
    detailed information.

    I was seeing some pretty bad slowdowns too before
    implementing the system to stop scanning when other
    applications are using the disk. It sounds like this isn't
    functioning for you. Are you using Folder Size 2.3? If not,
    please upgrade and hopefully this will improve
    significantly. If this doesn't help, please email me so I
    can address this problem in the future.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Use less memory for the cache (or make maxmem an option), I
    currently have > 100MB for FolderSizeSvc.exe (release 2.3).


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