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folder size column doesn'e appear

  • fmx46

    fmx46 - 2007-08-21

    I've installed folder size, every thing seams to be ok:
    - in the control panel service is started
    - in the task manager the process folldersize is running

    but right clicking on the the column headers ok a folder, I can choose only standard windows option; folder size do not compare neither in the first list nor in the "more ..." list.

    Anybody has an idea ???
    Thanks in advance !!

    • SomNamNa

      SomNamNa - 2007-08-22

      Very strange. Works fine for me. Have you tried re-booting?

      • fmx46

        fmx46 - 2007-08-24

        yes, I've tried also to redownload and reinstall, but nothing changed !!
        My account is an administrator one on the PC but my PC is not stand alone, but belong to a microsft domain.

  • Josh Lee

    Josh Lee - 2009-12-29

    I am running windows vista 64 bit, I've installed both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions, and tried rebooting after each install.  Same issue.  The service runs just fine, but the FolderSize option isn't available as a column rendering the tool useless.  I really need something like this too, as I have a terrible hard drive and am almost out of room with no idea as to what is taking all the room up.  I need this tool to help me figure out where I need cut back.


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