Non-Unicode System Fonts

  • DarkElf109

    DarkElf109 - 2007-10-13


    I recently switched my system theme, which changed my system font (the one used within Explorer, the desktop, title bars, etc. I'm not sure of its proper title). As a result, a character (0xA0, which prints in this font as y with diaeresis) is prepended to the string a seemingly-unrelated number of times. For example, for 69KB, it is printed "yy 69 KB", and 249kb "yyy249 KB". A 7566KB file is printed as "y y7,566 KB", though a 1kb file can have "yy1 KB", and a 2kb file can have "y y2 KB". If you have any idea on workarounds for this, I'd be thrilled. I'm just hoping that it doesn't involve changing out fonts/themes, though if it comes to that, I'll just find another.

    Thanks for the fantastically useful program, and the help.

    • DarkElf109

      DarkElf109 - 2007-10-13

      Well, I found a hackish solution: I simply removed the character from the font. Edited it to a blank. Anyway, I don't think this is FolderSize's fault. It's been reported with the standard Size information too, though when I tested it, I only encountered it in the Folder Size column. It seems like it's a design flaw on Microsoft's part, so, you could either work around it, or make a solution, though I feel the latter option is better for the project as a whole, since this is a relatively minor problem. Thanks for the fantastic software.

    • Brio

      Brio - 2007-10-23

      Yeah, Folder Size is inserting those characters, assuming they will be invisible. I don't know if the characters showing up with that font is the fault of the font for showing characters that should be invisible, or if it is valid for them to be visible and Folder Size shouldn't be using them. But it's definitely Microsoft's fault for not providing a proper way to sort the column, which is what these hidden characters are inserted for.


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