GameTap reports as Trojan

  • Hydrix

    Hydrix - 2006-08-20

    Just a FYI.

    I love FolderSize, absolutely awesome app.

    I was speaking with a Tech at GameTap (that Turner broadcasting game service), and they were looking over my DXDiag, and told me that FolderSizeSvc.exe was a trojan.

    I informed him of the application, and its function, and that his software most likely was reporting a false positive. He didnt seem inclined to belive me though, CustomerService techs are so arrogant some time.

    • Richard

      Richard - 2006-08-21

      Did the Customer Service at GameTap give any reason why they thought FolderSizeSvc.exe was a trojan?  Could they point to any bit of the code that made their analysis suspect this as being true?

      If there is something in FolderSize (which I also only found last month and really like) which triggers this/these trojan warnings, and can be re-written to look different, then changing FolderSize to look less threatening would be a good idea.  We then still have FolderSize, and our anti-virus/anti-spam software dosen't keep poping up warnings.

      BTW, my systems with McAfee, Sophos, and PestPatrol (an older version) don't popup any warnings.


    • Brio

      Brio - 2007-10-11

      It's possible someone could be distributing an infected version of FolderSizeSvc.exe. I don't sign my builds, but I think that's silly to pay for. If you really want security, compile it yourself.
      I hate all those anti-virus/anti-spam programs. I find their behaviour at least as intrusive as any virus I've encountered.


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