Safely remove USB External disk drives

  • Danar

    Danar - 2005-12-07


    I am using Folder Size version 2.1 on Windows XP Media Edition.

    I have found with this latest version, the "Safely Remove Hardware" utility is unable to stop my USB external disk drives whilst the Folder Size Service is running.

    Anyone else encounter this issue?


    • Brio

      Brio - 2005-12-31

      I've attempted to address this issue. The service gets a notification from the system when a device is about to be removed, and the service stops accessing the drive, but sometimes Windows says it can't be stopped yet. I can't see more information about exactly why the device can't be stopped, or if FolderSize is even the problem. If you remove it a second time, it usually works the second time.
      Also, USB drives will have write caching off by default anyway, so as long as you don't yank it out when writing to it, it should be fine.

    • matro

      matro - 2006-03-28

      I confirm the issue, I'm experiencing exactly the same.

    • Brio

      Brio - 2006-03-29

      Version 2.2 had that bug, unfortunately... but it's fixed in version 2.3 which is just posted and should resolve this issue. Or, at least make it better.
      I've seen it where it says it can't remove, and then if you try again right after, it removes.
      Either way, it shouldn't be a data corruption problem.
      Let me know if you have problems removing devices.

  • Synetech

    Synetech - 2012-02-08

    I’ve got 2.5 and it does not work. I have tried stopping it two or more times and it remains locked.

    It may only be a workaround instead of a solution, but I just configured it to not be used on removable drives (I don’t really need it for CD/DVD, flash, etc. anyway).

    Problem solved (more or less).

  • Synetech

    Synetech - 2012-02-08

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