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Homepage updated

Folder2Feed has a brand-new homepage. Take a look at

Posted by 2009-03-09

Release [v0.2.23] buggy - use [v0.2.24]

Release [v0.2.23] had a critical bug that caused the app to ignore any properties files when used without command line parameters.

Release [v0.2.24] fixes that issue. Release [v0.2.23] has been pulled.

Posted by 2009-03-01

New release [v0.2.23]

NEW: Ticket #9 - It should be possible to specify feeds to be ignored as a command line argument (using -ignore=)
NEW: Command line parameter -help to print usage
ENH: Ticket #7 - Feed item description should have links to parent folder and monitored folder
ENH: Ticket #8 - It should be possible to specify more than one feed with the -feed= command line parameter
ENH: Added check for 0 ms as TTI, in which case, the thread will not sleep at all while walking the tree.
CHG: Changed command line argument parsing logic
BUG: Ticket #1 - If a drive root is specified as the location to monitor, the feed is empty

Posted by 2009-03-01

Bug tracker enabled

The Trac hosted app has been activated (; primarily to serve as the bug tracker for the project. The wiki still needs to be edited.

Log bugs/ feature requests at

Posted by 2009-02-21

First release [v0.1.12]

First release of Folder2Feed (version 0.1 revision 12).

Please read the README.txt included in the release for information on how to use.

Supports the following via CLI:
1. Creates feed XMLs from a specified location
2. Supports network shares that are not password protected, on Windows only (using the \\<server-name> convention)
3.Configurable options (using the feed properties file):
- Location to be monitored
- Output location of the feed XML
- Feed title, description and link
- Feed categories
- Feed type (as supported by ROME; should be one of:
rss_0.90, rss_0.91, rss_0.92, rss_0.93, rss_0.94
rss_1.0 rss_2.0 or atom_0.3)
- Inclusion/exclusion of files or folders or both in feed
- Inclusion/exclusion of monitored location subfolders
- Inclusion/exclusion of hidden files/folders
- Inclusion of certain file extensions only
- Max number of items in feed
- Update interval

Posted by 2009-02-16

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