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Fobs-0.4.2 Released

Fobs 0.4.2 has been released. This new version includes some stability fixes, and support for the latest versions of the 3rd party libraries. Only source code available, binaries to come in the next few days. Due to the restructuring of sources, the CVS repository has not been yet updated. Updates to come.

Some new features are:

* Improve a/v sync in playback: First a/v sync fix implemented
* Fix: Memory leaks in packet management
* Partial compatibility with new changes in ffmpeg API
- using swscale.h (but license is still LGPL)
- Fix encoder to properly work with new APIs
* Improved compatibility in 64bit architectures (Kenlars contribution)
- pointers are passed using long vars instead of int... read more

Posted by Jose San Pedro 2008-06-16

Fobs-0.4.1 Released

Fobs4JMF 0.4.1 has been released. This new version includes a huge number of improvements, mainly related to stability, performance and network support. An important deal of new features are prepared and waiting to be included in the main branch (this will be done as soon as I get some spare time).

Some new features are:

- Experimental RTP support for MP4V streams (contributed by Scott Hayes)

- FrameGrabbingControl for renderers (sync issues)... read more

Posted by Jose San Pedro 2007-01-15

Fobs 0.4.0 Released

Sources and Binaries for the latest Fobs version are already available. Download them, try them and discuss about them in the forum!

Posted by Jose San Pedro 2005-08-30

Fobs4JMF 0.3pre2 MacOSX Binaries released

At last! MacOSX binaries for the new 0.3pre2 version are available. Two flavours are available: a bundle that launches a preconfigured version of JMStudio (bundle.dmg suffix) or the plain library with a sample script to launch apps (darwin.dmg suffix).

Posted by Jose San Pedro 2005-01-08

New release - Fobs 0.3pre2

Sources for Fobs-0.3pre2 are already available. Binaries coming soon!

Posted by José San Pedro 2004-12-28

New Release - Fobs-0.3pre1

New Fobs release with encoding capabilities

Posted by José San Pedro 2004-09-16

Fobs 0.2 is available

New release includes bug fixes, support for latest snapshots of ffmpeg and easier building process. Binaries are also available for MacOSX, Linux and Win32.

Posted by José San Pedro 2004-06-06

Fobs4JMF updated

New binary releases of Fobs4JMF has been posted for MacOSX, Linux and Windows. The main addition is the Linux version. Besides, a launch script has been added to the packages as a sample for developers/users.

Posted by José San Pedro 2004-05-24

New binary releases

Two new binaries have been released. They include the latest JMF Cross-Platform version (2.1.1e), the Fobs JMF PlugIn and the necessary configuration files to have the PlugIn working in the JavaMediaFramework. The launcher executes a JMStudio that will use the PlugIn.

The new binaries are available for:
- MacOSX: fobs4jmf_bundle.dmg
- Win32: fobs4jmf_0.1_installer.dmg

A Java Runtime Environment is required in the system!!

Posted by José San Pedro 2004-05-12

New FOBS release (0.1)

FOBS is a C++/Java wrapper over ffmpeg library. This version includes the C++ API and a JMF PlugIn to add compatibility for all format/codecs supported by ffmpeg to the JavaMediaFramework.

Posted by José San Pedro 2004-05-11

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