Other Tutorials?

  • Roger Asbury

    Roger Asbury - 2002-05-22

    Just wondering if there are other tutorials for this app, other then the one on the foa tool web page.

    Rog.  rlasbury@gvea.com

    • John Pedersen

      John Pedersen - 2002-05-23

      If you download the package, there are examples included.

      Now, if you want a REALLY simple step-by-step procedure for creating a Hello World document, I can send you one.  It doesn't deal with how to set up FOA--it assumes that the program is set up and runnable.

      The other caveat, and this is important--I just wrote this in the last couple of days, and nobody has tried to muddle through it yet.  Use at your own risk.

      I'll send it as a plain text attachment to another email sent directly to your email address.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-08-25

      I would really like to see the step-by-step procedure you have.  If you could email it to me that would be great.


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